As a health service and housing support provider, SHIP recognizes the fundamental importance of Healthy Housing ™ and the vital role housing plays in maintaining excellent mental and physical health and wellness. SHIP offers a stable living environment and health services because we believe that in order for recovery to take place, individuals must have a sense of their personal value and self-worth and they must feel that they are part of the community in which they live. SHIP advocates for Healthy Housing™ by forming lasting relationships with landlords and developers. We advocate for mental and physical health services through in-house service teams and partnerships with community-based agencies.

Advocacy through Formal Presentations and Workshops

SHIP’s Presentations and Education Team (PET) speaks to our efforts on behalf of our client population. Audiences typically range from prospective landlords to community-based organizations seeking to provide Healthy Housing ™ and services for specialized populations.

Educational workshops are available on a variety of informative topics including:

 creating successful partnerships and collaborations,

 collaborative landlord and tenant information sessions,

 Healthy Housing ™ principles,

 facilitating client wellness and recovery; and

 strategies for effective advocacy.

For additional information and to book a seminar or workshop, contact