Mississauga, ON (July 1, 2021) – Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP) is excited to announce that it has been chosen as the successful contractor by the Region of Peel to provide services at the Peel Family Shelter (PFS) and will be overseeing operations, effective immediately.

“On behalf of SHIP, we are excited to be able to begin operations at the Peel Family Shelter”, says Lina Termini SHIP Director of Operations. “It will be our collective mission as an organization to help families realize their ability through assistance and support to mobilize and move beyond their current situation and to a better tomorrow for them and their family through housing stability by providing consistent, effective, dignified, respectful and hopeful service provisions.”

Since its inception over four decades ago, SHIP has been expanding its ability to accommodate a growing number of clients with supports ranging from temporary housing to mental health and wellness.

 “I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the Request for Proposal Team (RFP) for working long days and long evenings putting the proposal together and formulating the strategy to run the PFS with clients’ needs at the forefront”, says Lesley Nagoda SHIP Interim CEO. Peel Family Shelter’s mission aligns with SHIP’s vision and strategic aims.

SHIP recognizes that family needs will vary and that a prescriptive approach is neither respectful nor effective in homelessness services. Care plans are led and informed by families’ unique lived experiences and intersecting identities. SHIP staff, in collaboration with the Region of Peel, have undergone comprehensive training to properly and efficiently operate the Peel Family Shelter. SHIP’s approach will be to empower families with the tools and strategies needed to respond effectively to challenges they may face upon transitioning to permanent housing.

With approximately 120 units, the Peel Family Shelter will be a welcomed program for SHIP and complement its array of services and programs that address homelessness in the Peel region. The Peel Family Shelter will offer temporary housing solutions to families in the Region of Peel. Families can take advantage of facility accommodations such as; the general dining area, the designated area for children, a resource room for house and job searching, and rooms for meeting privately with SHIP staff.

To learn more about the Peel Family Shelter, please visit the Region of Peel website.

SHIP Background

Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP) has operated as one of the largest non-profit supportive housing providers in Ontario for almost thirty years. Our organization has long been a champion of housing and is known as an innovative, responsive leader to support vulnerable populations in the housing, mental health and addiction sector.

Supporting the well-being of residents in our communities is the foundation by which SHIP guides further development of housing and services. Our strong community presence, responsiveness, varied housing and service options, commitment to diversity, quality and safety allow us to take a stance and has earned us credibility in the various communities we serve.