We do a lot of great work here at SHIP, and we want to share all of this within our organization and across our communities. Please help us with this by filling out the below form to schedule an engagement with the Communications team to spread the word about our achievements.

Please note that engagements don’t have to be long at all. A short visit or conversation of only a few minutes can capture enough information for the Communications team to gather enough media and information to put together compelling stories.

We would like to get information from staff, clients, or involved community members. Even programs and positions that don’t work directly with clients are still valued and necessary elements of how we do what we do, and everyone has a great story for us to tell.

Some possible ideas include:

  • A client visit at their home
  • A visit to the office where a staff member explains what they do for the organization and community
  • A visit during group programming or activities
  • A community member’s positive interaction with SHIP
Staff & Client Experience
Your Relationship with SHIP
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