Navigating  the health care system can be confusing and frustrating  especially when experiencing mental illness.

That’s why we have made it our goal to lend a helping hand for clients and their families as a guide on the path to recovery. We work with clients, families, and guardians to create personalized support plans which suit the needs of each individual, and also provide resources needed to create positive client experiences.

Our compassionate care approach embraces the Housing First philosophy by providing a wide range of housing options for diverse populations managing mental health and addiction concerns. We make sure individuals have a safe, affordable and secure place to call home so we can focus on providing the necessary support to increase overall wellness, independence and ensure clients transition smoothly into community living.

Through in-house service teams and partnerships with community partners we work together to create positive experiences and the best possible mental, physical and recreational health services for all.

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Central Intake

As the information and application hub of SHIP, our Central Intake department is a single point of access to assessment, referrals and information for the community. Our goal is to improve access to Healthy Housing™ and mental health services, and provide system navigation to individuals in need of services.

Our Process

All applications received are vetted through the same process to maintain fairness and ensure clients are assigned to the program that best suits their needs.

Our Philosophies

By providing affordable supportive housing for clients experiencing mental health concerns, we take preventative measures to improve a client’s quality of life. Efforts have led to a decrease in hospitalization, and reduced substance abuse and psychiatric symptoms.

SHIP is here to help

Whether you need an emergency or long-term solution, we can help.