Social Purpose Enterprise

Welcome to our positions with a purpose!

Working with a mental illness can be tough because the daily challenges experienced by people with mental health concerns are often misunderstood. After noticing the amount of stress experienced by our clients who were actively looking for work or having a hard time keeping a stable job, we decided to dive in and create our own solution. That was the day our Social Purpose Enterprise Businesses were born.

SHIP owns and operates social purpose enterprise businesses providing employment opportunities for individuals living with significant barriers to successful employment. 

By connecting with local business owners and community partners, we have built strong relationships and have had a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities alike.

Our social mission is to provide all staff and volunteers with a safe, meaningful, flexible and supportive work environment where they have the chance to develop new skills, earn competitive compensation, and feel the pride, purpose, dignity and respect that come along with employment. But wait, there’s more! We also provide training to make sure all staff are confident and prepared to take their first steps back into the working world.

Your support through the purchase of social enterprise products/services help us expand our reach so we can create more opportunities to empower clients with the necessary skills and confidence they need to succeed. Check us out and grab a hot drink or a sweet treat at one of our café locations!


The Coffee Hub- thecoffeehub@shipshey.ca

Social Coffee Bean- socialcoffeebean@shipshey.ca

This opportunity is available to all individuals in the community experiencing significant barriers to employment.

Learn more about our program and get the details on how to apply.