Community Donations

Our Thanks

A very special thank you to the generous donors who have contributed to the well-being of our clients, families and friends during this unprecedented time.

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Your Donations Make an Impact

Community donations support the mental health, physical health and wellness of the vulnerable individuals we serve.

Your charitable donations of food items, masks, gloves, services, hygiene kits and more have made it possible for us to ensure communities have the resources they need to stay safe.

COVID-19 Community Donor Name

  • Ann Kaplan
  • Chat Hut
  • Cob’s Bread
  • COMO
  • Conquer COVID19
  • Councillor Carolyn Parrish
  • COVID-19 Regional Community Response Table
  • D & K Matson
  • DawaNet
  • Eh! Fresh
  • Floors At Work
  • George Sant’s Greenhouse
  • Heartfulness Meditation Centre
  • Hello Fresh
  • Indaggo
  • Ismaili Women’s Network
  • Joy Bags
  • Love Daze Designs
  • Lug Canada Inc.
  • lululemon
  • Mississauga Convention Center
  • MLSE – Raptors 905
  • Numerous Community Individuals
  • Onyx Corporation
  • Panasonic
  • Peel Mask Makers
  • Queenstown Drive Public School
  • Region of Peel
  • Ricoh Canada Inc.
  • Sacred Hand Canada
  • Sai Dham Food Bank
  • Shoe Box Project
  • Solutions Food Services
  • Sportsnet
  • The Mississauga Food Bank
  • The Sprott Foundation | Second Harvest
  • Trigo Bakery
  • United Way Greater Toronto – Community Support Fund
  • United Way Greater Toronto – Seniors Response Fund
  • W Innis

Gratitude Message From CEO Lesley Nagoda

Thank you for your generous contribution to Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP) in support of our COVID-19 Service Response Strategy.  Our goal is to increase quality of life through health services and housing supports that promote mental health and physical health and wellness.

Community partnerships are especially important in accomplishing this goal in these unprecedented times when prevailing needs are further exacerbated by the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of your generous donations, we are closer to reaching these goals for the individuals we support in our many communities.  Your donation has added to our efforts and supports individuals throughout Peel, West Toronto and Dufferin.

Interested in becoming a donor?

There are many different ways to contribute to SHIP. Contact us to find out how you can help enhance community wellness.

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