What is Central Intake?

Central Intake is a single point of access for all housing and mental health service programs currently offered by SHIP. Applications are assessed and wait lists are administered through this one department to ensure that housing and appropriate services are provided in as timely a manner as possible.

Where can I get an application?

An application package from SHIP can be requested online, by phone, fax or email.  Further information can be found on our Central Intake – Intake and Assessment page.

Who completes the application?

The completed application and consent form must be signed by the applicant, however the referral for an application can be made by the individual, families, community mental health clinics, hospitals, shelters, psychiatrists or other community agencies.

What is the admission criteria?

Anyone can apply as long as they meet the following basic eligibility requirements:

  • A primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness, and assessed as needing and able to use a supportive housing program
  • Must be 16 and over
  • Have residential, family or service links in Etobicoke /York, Dufferin or Peel
  • Have a source of income to meet financial requirements
  • Willing to consent to sharing information with partner agencies
  • Willing to sign a referral form providing psychiatric reports confirming diagnosis.

After submitting the application, what is the next step?

When Central Intake receives a fully completed and signed application form, the applicant will be notified as to whether he/she is eligible to be placed on a wait list for SHIP housing and mental health service provision. The next step is a series of face-to-face interviews with a member of our Central Intake assessment team to determine the most appropriate programming based on the applicant’s current needs. If, at any stage of the application process, an applicant is deemed ineligible, the individual will receive notification that clearly outlines the reasons.

How soon will I receive housing and mental health support services?

Due to high demand, our current wait lists for supportive housing have a wait period ranging from approximately 2 – 10  years from the date we receive an application. SHIP Central Intake makes efforts to link wait lists applicants to community-based mental health services while they wait.

Where am I on the wait list?

Individual applicants can be given an approximate time estimate as to when they will find themselves at the top of the wait list. At that point, the individual will be notified of an opportunity for face-to-face interviews. Please note: Applicants only receive 2 offers of housing. If all 2 offers are declined, the individual must begin the application process all over again.

If I am deemed not eligible for the program, can I appeal?

Yes. SHIP has a comprehensive Appeal Process available to applicants who wish to challenge and possibly reverse decisions made after their documentation was reviewed by Central Intake or after their face-to-face assessment by a member of the Central Intake assessment team.

If my situation changes should I notify SHIP?

Absolutely! It is essential that our Central Intake has your current information on file.

Applicants must notify Central Intake if:
  • Your address and/or phone number changes
  • You become homeless or are faced with homelessness
  • You want to live in locations other than those chosen on your application form
  • The number of people in your household changes
  • The contact person on your application form changes
  • Your income changes
  • Your Immigration status changes

Is Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP) the same as Peel Access to Housing (PATH)?

No. An application for subsidized housing through Peel Access To Housing (PATH) or Peel Living is not the same as an application to Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP)

How can I be assured that my application is kept confidential?

Central Intake maintains client confidentiality by:
  • Following practices that safeguard confidentiality
  • Seeking the applicant’s permission for the disclosure of information between agencies through approved client consent forms
  • Managing files in such a way as to limit recording and duplication
  • Informing applicants of the limits to confidentiality

Where can I get emergency housing?

SHIP does not provide emergency housing, however, other support resources are available through:
  • Peel Mobile Crisis Line: 905-278-9036
  • Region of Peel Street Outreach program: 905-848-4357
  • Distress Centre Peel: 905-278-7208
  • Youth Mental Health Crisis Response Service: 416-410-8615
  • Peel Information Network: www.pinet.on.ca
  • Toronto Community Information: www.211toronto.ca

How can I contact Central Intake?

Reach us at:


Visit us at 60 Courtneypark Drive West, Unit 2
Mississauga, ON L5W 0B3

Email us at info@shipshey.ca

Call us at 905-795-8742

Fax us at 905-795-1129

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