Our Process

All applications received are vetted through the same process to maintain fairness and make certain clients are assigned to the program that best suits their needs.

  • 1

    Step One


    Applications for services and supportive housing receive a response within a few days of receipt.

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    Step Two

    Intake Process

    All applications for services are contacted by phone and a brief screening is completed to match to suitable services. Applications for supportive housing involve an in-person assessment and the collection of information through health records and/or family supports.

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    Step Three

    Wait List Assessment

    Supportive housing files deemed eligible at Intake & Assessment are passed on to partner programs (internal and external) for a more in-depth assessment to further explore service needs and goals. Eligible applicants are placed on the Waiting For Housing List, wait times range from within 2-10 years.

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    Step Four

    Wait List Review & Support

    All wait list applicants are contacted every year to confirm their continued interest and support needs. Referral options are offered.

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