Our Philosophies

Housing First

Housing First is based on the concept that a homeless individual’s primary need is to obtain stable housing. Other concerns that may affect the household can, and should, be addressed once housing is obtained.

The Housing First model starts by offering immediate access to stable housing. Individuals are offered choices re: location and type of housing; there are no pre-conditions prior to service and the individual receives the level of support that matches their needs.

Healthy Housing

Provides a vision of housing that promotes the health and well being of its occupants.

By providing affordable supportive housing for clients experiencing  mental health concerns, we take preventative measures to improve a client’s quality of life. Efforts have led to a decrease in hospitalization, and reduced substance abuse and psychiatric symptoms.

We know that vulnerable populations are at risk for unsafe living conditions and have created the Seven Principles of Healthy Housing™ to make sure our clients have a stable foundation to achieve their full potential.

Our Seven Principles.

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Tenants must be members of the Board of Directors and other SHIP committees providing the opportunity for tenant members to take an active role in determining the direction of the organization.

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An intake process that begins to build a relationship with the prospective tenant in advance of the move-in allows the organization to inform residents about their rights and obligations as a tenant and facilitates the implementation of a realistic Tenancy Plan.

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Quality, affordable supportive housing that is sustainable over the long run requires the development of strategic public and/or private partnerships and alliances.

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A core element of supportive housing is that it provides a safe, secure environment for tenants – by reducing threats to their well-being.

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Education & Training

Tenant Relations and Supportive Housing staff are positioned to use housing issues as a means to provide education to clients and assist them in retaining their housing.

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Supportive Housing Providers must use their knowledge and experience in housing to assisting residents to understand and take control of their new environment, help them to make good choices and to become increasingly more independent.

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Professional Services

Supportive housing reduces isolation by linking the person living with serious mental illness to the community and to an array of professional community-based support services essential to their well-being.

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Bill of Rights

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Ethical Decision Making Principles

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Client Declaration of Values


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