Mission & Values



To increase quality of life through health services and housing supports that promote mental and physical health and wellness.




·         For SHIP ...we will effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of our clients, their families, friends and significant others

·         For this Community ...through education and awareness we can help our community to be open, sensitive and supportive of the needs of those with mental illness and the efforts of this organization

·         For our Clients ...we will work toward successful reduction and eventual elimination of the stigma for individuals living with a mental illness

To achieve each aspect of our Vision, SHIP will continue to educate housing and health care service providers, potential landlords, neighbours and funders, clients and their families.




1. It is our collective belief that provision of housing and mental health services must be delivered with a sense of compassion.


2. To enable healthy outcomes, SHIP’s clients must be provided with the opportunity to pursue independence and to actively contribute to and participate in the community in which they live.


3. SHIP encourages supportive family members and significant others to play a positive role in the recovery process of their loved ones.


4. Respect for clients and recognition of their capabilities are key elements of SHIP’s Values.


 SHIP's Client Declaration of Values

A statement of values created through community consultation


As an individual, I value my ability to have choices, create decisions, take action and make contributions around my support.


I value support and care from my family, friends and community.

Calm & Quietude

I value being in an environment that is respectful and tolerant of others.


I value my pursuit of happiness as long as it does not infringe upon other’s happiness, peace and freedom.


I value my rights as they pertain to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to ensure that my privacy and confidentiality are respected.


I value the right to make choices around my gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.


I value access and the ability to practice the religion of my choice.


I value the ability to be open without the fear of persecution or consequences while being respectful of other’s feelings.


I value harmony and balance in all aspects of my life.