SHIP’s Strategic Plan (2014 – 2017)

In March of 2014, SHIP’s Board of Directors, CEO and Executive team identified the three key objectives that will move this organization forward to 2017.

With support from all levels, our organization remains united in its client-centric approach. Priorities for the next three years were clearly identified and SHIP is now working toward meeting and exceeding these goals.

Capital and Services

As long as wait lists exist, SHIP will continue to increase our capacity to provide supportive housing and mental and physical health services to those in need.  SHIP will continue to focus on expanding available Healthy Housing™ units by acquiring or building additional capital properties. As an organization, we will seek out and form new partnerships to provide programs and services that assist individuals from youth to seniors in achieving maximum mental and physical health and wellness.

Value, Quality and Accountability

SHIP supports a recovery-based model that succeeds when our clients are valued and provided with high quality housing and health services. We are accountable to our funders, our community partners and, most importantly, to our clients.

We believe that true accountability includes guidelines and performance indicators that can be measured, met and exceeded. In accordance with SHIP’s quality improvement plan, SHIP is currently in the process of receiving additional guidance through an extensive accreditation process being undertaken with Accreditation Canada. 

Succession Planning

The stability of any organization requires decision-making that takes a look into the future. At SHIP, we recognize the importance of succession planning to ensure that our clients will receive the mental and physical health services and Healthy Housing™ supports they deserve for as long as needed. Our focus is on organizational longevity and smooth transitions through preparation, experienced senior managers and a well-prepared Executive team.