Mississauga, ON (March 15, 2022) – Since SHIP’s inception, our goal and purpose has been to provide the best care and services to our clients. Our mission remains focused on increasing quality of life through health services and housing supports that promote stable housing, mental health, physical health, and wellness.

Over the past decade, SHIP has been fortunate to see growth in our programs, housing, and services. In response to this growth over the past twenty-four months, the leadership team at SHIP, with support from the Board of Directors and all levels of SHIP staff, has been hard at work aligning our organizational structure to better position us today and as we look into the future.

We are happy to share that SHIP’s new structure is complete and will create a collaborative organization that is integrated and aligned to have better service and housing outcomes, and ensure an optimal experience for those we serve, our staff and those we collaborate with. SHIP’s Alignment focuses on the four key areas below and will be led by the following leadership team members which report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lesley Nagoda.

Lesley has been a key member of the organization for over 15 years. Most recently she was acting CEO. Previously, Lesley held the role of Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations, Manager and various frontline roles. Lesley’s breadth of experience, leadership, vision, and utilization of strategic thinking steers SHIP in the proper trajectory and solidify SHIP’s position as a leader in the community care and healthcare landscape.

Housing & Homelessness
The Housing & Homelessness Division has two areas of focus, Supportive Housing (Lisa Neuman) and Congregate and Emergency Housing (Lina Termini) and aims to provide clients with support needed to become and remain stably housed.

Community Health
The Community Health Division (Chris Brown) aims to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals and families through system access, clinical community programs and interventions, and community wellness.

Housing Development Service Transformation
The Housing Development Service Transformation Division (Cory O’Handley) aims to increase housing options and supply through housing development, landlord engagement, service transformation, stakeholder partnerships, and research and evaluation.

Professional Services
The Professional Services Division (Thomas DiCarlo, Chief Financial Officer) aims to create centralized back-office services to support the infrastructure across the organization.

These changes may shift who you have worked with at SHIP, but we remain committed, more than ever, to be an active and engaged community partner. As we progress, we will continue to monitor, evaluate, and revise our strategy. SHIP’s leadership team is optimistic and confident that this Alignment will help us accelerate our mission, increase external awareness of our work, and be a more engaged community partner.

We look forward to our new structure and its possibilities to enhance our services, programs, and housing opportunities for many years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Media Contact

Ross Harding

Communications, Services and Housing In the Province
Email: communications@shipshey.ca