Mississauga, ON (December 1, 2020) Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP) is happy to announce that December 1 will be the official launch date of our Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) program.

SHIP has been selected as the community agency involved in the provincial phase two transformation of the Homes for Special Care (HSC) program to the Community Homes for Opportunity (CHO) program.

CHO is a supportive housing program for people with serious mental illness within the community, who may require a 24-hour supportive care living environment. The CHO program will be available to individuals within SHIPs catchment area and is intended to assist tenants by providing appropriate housing and support services within their own community. Desired outcomes include achieving and maintaining housing that is stable, safe and affordable, and promotion of increased quality of life.

Modernization of the Homes for Special Care (HSC) program into the community mental health and addictions supportive housing sector will enhance access to community programs, assisting tenants to live as independently as possible. SHIP’s service approach will include Community Mental Health Counselling, Nursing, Recreational Therapy, Financial Literacy Counselling, as well as coordinating/brokering to other health services.

CHO is person centred, focusing on and supporting each tenant’s unique and changing needs. The program takes a recovery oriented approach, offering opportunity for tenants to enhance the quality of their daily living, personal growth and development, and improved life skills through participation in a variety of activities and programs. Tenants will be encouraged to be active participants in their own goal setting and planning, respecting individual choices.

Eligibility for the Community Homes for Opportunity Program:

  • Adult residents of Ontario with serious mental illness
  • Require housing and support services to live as independently as possible
  • Includes those that require assistance with ADLs, some level of 24-hour support
  • Priority can be given to those who are also experiencing/at risk of homelessness, transitioning from hospital

Inquiries for the Community Homes for Opportunity Program can be directed to the Central Intake Department at Services and Housing In the Province x2230, or to Kathryn Gibb, Program Manager at kathryn.gibb@shipshey.ca.

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    December 4, 2020
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