Louise Kindree

Louise Kindree is a Board Member from Caledon. Before retiring, Louise worked for the Federal Government in Human Resources (recruitment and values and ethics) for Health Canada and Environment Canada. Upon her retirement, she began volunteering at Headwaters Health Care Centre (2000-present). She Chaired the community-based Physician Recruitment Committee (2005-16), supporting the recruitment of 15 family physicians.

Her experience in health care governance is substantial: Louise was elected to the Headwaters Hospital’s Board of Directors (2005-12), becoming Chair in 2010. She was re-elected to the Board (2014-present), becoming Chair for the second time in 2016. Louise cares passionately about improving mental health care services and Chaired the Board of Directors of Peace Ranch (2014-17), leading its amalgamation with SHIP in April 2017. Louise is also a member of the Board of Directors of SHIP