The Financial Support program aims to assist clients in managing their current financial situation and grow their financial independence through education and empowerment.

Our Financial Support Workers provide one-on-one client consultations, which helps to:

  • Reduce debts and arrears
  • Budget monthly expenses and bill payments
  • Grow savings and emergency funds

Clients are voluntary applicants to the program and, therefore, must be active participants in their financial improvement. The program assists clients in creating a monthly budget which breaks down a client income into weekly allowances, thus ensuring the client has access to enough money for a full month.

How To Apply

The Trustee program is open to all SHIP clients and SHIP partner agencies.

Other Programs

Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT)

Our supportive service is available to individuals between the ages of 16- 65 who are experiencing great difficulty in accessing or going into the healthcare setting.

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We can help with…
  • Clinical Mental Health Care
  • Employment
  • Financial
  • General Support & Assistance
  • Substance Use

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)

An evidence-based initiative that was created to enhance health care services for older adults in Ontario with complex and responsive behaviours.

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We can help with…
  • Clinical Mental Health Care
  • Senior Support
  • Substance Use